Siblings Vs. Diblings

“Mama! Mama! Mama!” I hear a familiar voice while pushing my 3-year-old in the stroller, but it’s not my child. Mine sits happily people watching on the congested Commerical Street in Provincetown. She likes the business. I see her gaze and smile at the tall drag queens, the rainbow flags, the dogs on leashes, and…

Raising Our Children Culturally Queer

This article was written originally for and published by the Boston Pride Guide. For more stories, visit: “Mama! Mama! Look!” She holds up a small box with rainbow earrings inside. My two kids have awoken to find a trail of sparkles leading to small gifts left by the pride fairies. These magical sprites visit us…

Six Things Parents Need to Know about HFMD

In our house, our children have never shown symptoms, they’ve just been silent little carriers of the coxsackieviruses. So you could be exposed to the virus right now, as you are reading this, without even knowing it. It can be contracted in a variety of ways, for example, when your child sneezes in your face and sprays you with their saliva; and then walks away as if they’ve done nothing wrong.

The Tooth Fairy

“My tooth! I lost my tooth!” She bounced up and down.

Why We Dyke March

I’ve always been one for the reclamation of dirty words, but it’s a challenging concept to explain to a kiddo.

The Ambivalent Parenting Style

Ambivalent parents not only care deeply about their their children, they also care deeply about their own mental and physical health, their relationships other adults, and the sustainability and future of their family unit.

The Post-Birth Yoga Class Story

I know a simple 60-minute workout buys me hours of presence and play with my children. After months of making excuses, I finally had the courage to get out of my head and back into my body.